Obedience & Faith, But Who’s Faith?

Last November I wrote an eye opening post concerning faith, the God Kind of Faith, NOT the faith the prosperity gospel preachers teach about. The main focus of that post was there is a faith that is generated by our mind for something we want to achieve. Maybe it’s for a noble cause but the prosperity gospel directs this type of faith to feed or stroke the desires of the flesh. The “name it and claim it” gospel, just say it or believe it enough and it’s as good as done is the way it’s often referred to. The God Kind of Faith is the “seed of faith” God drops into a person’s spirit/heart and mind. It didn’t originate from a desire of the flesh. It may even be contrary to what the “flesh” would want or desire and may seem impossible to achieve from a human perspective. I don’t want to rewrite my original post an if you wish to read all the evidence I found to substantiate that this is the “God Kind of Faith” church leaders for ages understood, here is the link,

My wife and I have decided to start attending New Life Church in Abbeville Louisiana. It’s Pastor Lane Payne made a short midweek devotional this past week on May 14th that directly addresses the “Faith That Honors God Through Obedience.” I have set a link to New Life Church’s Facebook page for anyone wanting to check them out. They’ve also just started a Youtube channel. I wish anyone desiring to find out the truth about the “Faith That Honors God” and where it originates would check out this short video Pastor Lane made.

New Life Church had it’s first almost normal church service limited to a 25% capacity today and they asked that seniors of the 60 and above age not attend yet for multiple reasons. One was to help in not exceeding the 25% limit and because of being more at risk to the Covid virus effects. Pastor Lane pre recorded his sermon that he preached live to the congregation today, Sunday May 17, 2020 and is in this Youtube video below. He expands his thoughts on “Faith That Honors The Lord” in his sermon.

I have been open and vocal about my despisal of the prosperity gospel and the preachers that focus most of their time teaching God’s Word in that train of thought. I have posted video clips of Pastor Leroy Thompson and others promoting the “Money Cometh To Me Now!!!” declaration of the fleshly kind of faith.

This self generated “faith” that has the sole purpose of satisfying the flesh may very well do that.

The point that Pastor Lane brings out in his sermon is that this type of fleshly faith will not sustain you when the trials and tests of life come along. When the hard tests of life come, like this Covid thing and all it’s repercussions which when they become manifest, won’t sustain you. The event of a test of life isn’t the time to start learning about the “True God Faith,” hearing God’s voice and knowing God’s Will of how to walk through the test and get the victory God wants you to have.

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