Louisiana, The State I’m In

I try not to get overly prideful in our government because even though it’s possibly the best on earth, I know it’s flaws. I am often thankful and in recent months all the more so to live in the state of Louisiana. The racial protests across our state have taken place but the riots and looting are for the most part absent. Drug crime is horrible in most of our “parishes,” as in church parish, but it’s not racially motivated.


As the picture says, our governor John Bel Edwards asked Louisiana citizens last week to observe a 3 day lunch fasting and prayer on July 20,21,&22. Today was our 2nd day and my wife and I decided to make it a breakfast and lunch fast. This picture was taken from a Bible prophecy update video I just watched. The picture comes towards the end of the video. It’s the “good news” after some terrible ones. I tried to tell my wife what this caption said as I had done to many of the others, the “not so good ones” but I couldn’t get the words out. I was so choked up with a “Godly Pride” for what our governor had chosen to do to fight the Covid 19 pandemic. Also in heartfelt thanks to our Heavenly Father to know His hand is upon our state in this measure. I still firmly believe God gives people the leaders they deserve.  I swallowed hard a few times and tried to get hold of my emotions to tell my wife what the caption said. Finally I was able to get up to “Combat Covid-19” but no further,

Before watching the Bible prophecy update video, I had just finished watching Governor Edwards give his 1st of 2 weekly press briefings about the Covid-19 crisis. In it he again asked Louisiana citizens to consider fasting on tomorrow not once but twice in today’s press briefing. These are his words each time he mentioned it,

At 42:55 in the video, “I remind people that yesterday I invited folks around the state who were like-minded to engage in prayer and fasting during the lunch hour and that’s continued today and then of course I’m asking people to do that tomorrow is well. So that’s 3 days of prayer and fasting for our state and particularly for the covid-19 public health emergency help for those individuals who are sick that they will be healed, for the caretakers so they would have the Grace and the Courage and the Stamina to continue to do the work that they’ve been doing, for family members of those who have died that they will find Comfort and Peace and that the state is a whole will come together and understand that the virus is the enemy. We are not one another’s enemies here in this particular situation.”

And at 58:55, “Finally I just an invite everybody again to offer up in prayer, you know petitions that we would come together that we would meet in the moment. And I would encourage you if your if you able to do so and inclined to do so to join me in lunch fasting again on tomorrow. We will see you on Thursday thank you.”

Governor Edwards is a Democrat and I have been a lifelong conservative Republican. Normally I vote Republican but over the years I’ve noticed that in Louisiana if one party controls the legislature they go hog wild like a runaway freight train. I the past 2 governors elections I’ve voted for John Bel Edwards. Today and on other days as I have seen how he has lead our state humbly and wisely in this pandemic the “pride” I resist still swells up in me. I am so thankful that God birth me here instead of some other state that has forsaken God and His ways in open and blatant ways. Our state isn’t perfect in any way but it’s still looking to God by many in it’s government. Unlike many other states.








All this and more can be seen in this Bible prophecy update video on youtube,

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