Multitudes, Multitudes, In The Valley of Decision!

Day before yesterday while out on a drive with my wife we were discussing how divided our nation is over the outcome of the presidential election. We both agreed that if it weren’t for so many claims of cheating in such blatant ways the idea our candidate honestly losing would be more acceptable. But that’s not the situation we as a country find ourselves in. The left tells us to “suck it up and accept it” while some promote “unity or else we demean you as less than human.”

In our conversation while driving I reminded my wife of the phase of Donald Trump’s middle east peace plan that was announced at the beginning of last year before Covid 19 took over our world. In it Israel was going to give up parts of Israel and the city of Jerusalem to become a new Palestinian state within the borders of Israel.

I have written in my blog a few times of how I believe God’s Word describes His condemnation of anyone who would desire or try to take away from Israel any of the land that He has many times outlined in scripture. In my writings I have expressed my belief that the BLM and other social unrest, even the animosity between our political parties is a result of America being a part of “dividing God’s land.” I guess it should have been of no surprise that this election cycle and even future ones would be nothing more than hammering in the wedge of division in our nation.

In yesterday’s devotional readings “God’s Land” and the idea of His displeasure over anyone desiring to divide it came up. The first instance was from the scripture of the day that has a special place in my heart because God spoke it to me one morning as my first conscious thought of the day. It was a day that I needed the assurance that God would be with me and it brought me great peace. It was the Tecarta Bible app verse of the day,

Joshua 1:9 Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

As I often do, I read through the entire chapter of a given “verse of the day” to get it’s context. In reading Joshua chapter 1 I read this,

Joshua 1:2-4 KJV
Moses my servant is dead; now therefore arise, go over this Jordan, thou, and all this people, unto the land which I do give to them, even to the children of Israel. [3] Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you, as I said unto Moses. [4] From the wilderness and this Lebanon even unto the great river, the river Euphrates, all the land of the Hittites, and unto the great sea toward the going down of the sun, shall be your coast.

While this is one of the least descriptive plotting out the borders God is giving to Israel it is clearly being stated that God is “Giving” it to them. As I read it I reflected on the conversation with my wife the day before. Then I got to the MyDailyBible app verse of the day and devotional readings from the Old and New Testaments.
DailyPlan : one-year-tract : 2020-11-11 #Bible

The reading from the book of the prophets was from Joel chapter 3. In it Joel records the Word of God concerning “His Land.”

Joel 3:1-3 “For behold, in those days and at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, 2 I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. And I will enter into judgment with them there, on behalf of my people and my heritage Israel, because they have scattered them among the nations and have divided up my land, 3 and have cast lots for my people, and have traded a boy for a prostitute, and have sold a girl for wine and have drunk it.

God is so angry for what the nations have done to His people and for trying to claim “His Land” He says this war!!!,

Joel 3:9-10
Proclaim this among the nations:
Consecrate for war;
stir up the mighty men.
Let all the men of war draw near;
let them come up.
10 Beat your plowshares into swords,
and your pruning hooks into spears;

let the weak say, “I am a warrior.”

What is the point of trying to make peace in the middle east and in turn go to war against Almighty God. How stupid and vain is that!!! Many times in America’s attempt to negotiate “peace in the middle east” it has stepped on God’s toes and suffered the consequences right after doing so. So many times that it defies logic or coincidence which I don’t believe in. Today, over a week after the November 3 election we don’t know who really won and the Words of God by the prophet Joel are truer than ever,

Joel 3:14
Multitudes, multitudes,
in the valley of decision!

For the day of the Lord is near
in the valley of decision.

See how often America has stuck it’s nose in Israel’s business and tried to get them to negotiate away God’s land for a peace deal. God clearly said in Joel that land is His Forever,

Joel 3:17
“So you shall know that I am the Lord your God,
who dwells in Zion, my holy mountain.

And Jerusalem shall be holy,
and strangers shall never again pass through it.

Credit to Cause and Effect –

• March 22, 1979, President Jimmy Carter made the decision to not go through with a veto for a U.N. Resolution 446 and its passing was bad for Israel.
• March 26, 1979, the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty was signed in Washington. As a result of that treaty, Israel gave up a tremendous amount of territory.
• March 28, 1979 nuclear disaster known today as the Three Mile Island Accident happened in Middleton, Pennsylvania, which to this day remains the worst nuclear catastrophe in American history.
• October 19, 1987 Stock Market Crash and the Middle East Peace Process Connection

The New York Times cover from October 20, 1987.
Thursday, October 19, 2017 marks 30 years since the Black Monday Stock Market Crash of October 19, 1987. On the weekend directly before the crash, US Secretary of State George Shultz was in the Middle on a diplomatic mission which included among other things making efforts for Israel to negotiate peace with its Arab neighbors. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) fell exactly 508 points to 1,738.74 (22.61%). According to the Library of Congress, which referenced another website, “Within that one day, over $500 billion was lost from the Dow Jones Index.”

In his weekly radio address on Saturday, October 17, 1987, President Ronald Reagan stated the following: “Secretary of State George Shultz is on a diplomatic mission that reflects the breadth, the intensity, and the importance of our country’s foreign policy efforts. Today he’s in the Middle East. He’ll meet with the leaders of Israel, Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. … Our wider role in the Middle East—perhaps more than in any other region—is that of peacemaker. We are doing our best to help narrow the differences between Israel and her Arab neighbors so that real negotiations for peace can get started.”

• October 30, 1991 President George H.W. Bush signed the Oslo Accords
• October 31, 1991 A hurricane dubbed “The Perfect Storm” hit the east coast of the United States, destroying Bush’s house in Kennebunkport, Maine.
• August 23, 1992, when the Madrid Conference moved to Washington DC and peace talks resumed.
• August 24, 1992, Hurricane Andrew, the worst natural disaster recorded in American history, hit Florida.
• February 18-25, 1993, US Secretary of State Warren Christopher visited Israel and seven Arab nations to restart peace process.
• February 26, 1993, World Trade Center Bombing: $750 million
• January 16, 1994 President Clinton met with President Assad of Syria to discuss the possibility of Israel giving up the Golan Heights.
• January 17, 1994, the devastating Northridge earthquake hit southern California. It was the second worst natural disaster up to that time in U.S. history.
• March 10-17, 1993, US Secretary of State Warren Christopher has press conference on Israel & Israel Prime Minister Rabin met with President Clinton and others.
• March 12-15, 1993, “Storm of the Century”: 318 dead; up to 120 mph winds and 56” snow; all east coast airports closed; $3-6 billion.
• October 17, 1994, Israel Prime Minister Rabin and Jordan Prime Minister Majali sign peace agreement – President Clinton present.
• October 17-21, 1994, Texas Flooding: 17 dead worst flooding on record in Texas $1 billion.
• September 28, 1995 & September 29, 1995, In Washington, DC, Israel & PLO sign Interim Agreement on West Bank & Gaza Strip; 1st US-Israel-Palestine Trilateral Commission.
• September 27 – October 5, 1995, Hurricane Opal formed: 27 dead; strongest hurricane to hit Pensacola, FL since 1900, also hit 1,000 miles of the southern US gulf coast; hit US October 4; $3 billion.
• March 2-3, 1997, President Bill Clinton and Arafat met, issued public statements critical of Israel.
• March 1-2, 1997, Mississippi & Ohio Valley Flooding and Tornadoes: 67 dead (26 in Arkansas); winds up to 207-260 mph & tornadoes brought heavy rains; flooding; $1 billion. President Clinton’s home state of Arkansas was devastated by tornadoes.
• April 7, 1997 , President Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met at White House; Clinton said he would work to get peace process back on track.
• April 1-14, 1997, Northern Plains Flooding: 5 dead; flooding in North Dakota, up to 26’ above flood stage, breaks 100-year record
• January 7, 1998, After meeting with Israeli President Weizman, US Middle East Coordinator Ross issued statement to give “little push” to the peace process
• January 4-9, 1998, Northeast Ice Storm: One of the longest and most damaging ice storms to hit northeast US; worst natural disaster in Canadian history; $1.4 billion.
• January 21, 1998 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was supposed to meet with President Clinton at the White House, but when Netanyahu showed up for the lunch date he was shunned by Clinton and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.
• January 21, 1998 White House intern Monica Lewinsky became a household name.
• January 28, 1998, Secretary of State Albright made statement in support of Clinton peace plan.
• January – February 1998, Southeast Severe Weather: Warmest and wettest January – February on record; 59 dead; over 5,000 homes damaged or destroyed; $1 billion.
• September 28, 1998, Secretary of State Madeline Albright gave a press briefing announcing an American-brokered deal that would require Israel to give up 13 percent of Judea and Samaria
• September 28, 1998, Georges, a category 4 hurricane, hit the United States Gulf Coast Biloxi, Mississippi, with winds of 110 mph and gusts of up to 175 mph. In terms of damage, it was the costliest hurricane since Hurricane Andrew, causing $10 billion of damage and killing 604 people.
• October 15, 1998 & October 22, 1998, PLO head Yasser Arafat met with Israeli Prime Minister at the Wye River Plantation to discuss the deal,
• October 17-22, 1998, Hurricane Madeline raged off the coast of Texas. The resulting rains and tornadoes caused over $750 million in damage, and killing 31 people.
• December 12, 1998, President Clinton arrived in Israel to insure Wye Agreement would be implemented
• December 19, 1998, Clinton Impeachment: President Clinton charged with perjury and obstruction of justice
• May 4, 1999, Arafat was to declare Palestinian state & Jerusalem as its capital (postponed until December at President Clinton’s request); President Clinton wrote Arafat, said he had right to “own land”; Mrs. Clinton repeated support for Palestinian State.
• May 3-4, 1999, Oklahoma-Kansas Tornadoes: Most powerful to ever hit US’ 316 mph record wind speed; $1.6 billion.
• September 1-4, 1999, Secretary Albright traveled to Egypt, Israel, West Bank, Morocco, Lebanon and Syria to restart Wye Accord compliance; Albright attended Sharm El-Sheikh Accord.
• September 4, 1999, Hurricane Dennis: came ashore, the same day Albright watched Barak and Arafat sign the Sharm El-Sheikh Accord.
• September 13, 1999, 1st meeting of Israel Foreign Minister & PLO official to work out borders for Palestinian state.
• September 16, 1999, Hurricane Floyd: nearly every river basin in the eastern part of NC exceeded 500-year flood levels. In total, Floyd was responsible for 57 fatalities and $6.9 billion.
• October 11, 1999, Israel: Jewish settlers evicted from 15 West bank hilltops as part of land for peace deal.
• October 14-15, 1999, Hurricane Irene: hits North Carolina killed 18 people (15 indirectly) and caused $800 million in damage;
• October 16, 1999 Hector Mine Earthquake: 7.1, 5th largest to hit US
• May 5, 2001, George Mitchell, condemns the expansion of Jewish settlements in the occupied territories.
• May 6, 2001, A spring storm dumped more than 3 feet of snow in central Colorado’s Arkansas Valley, an unusual amount there at any time of year
• May 21, 2001, George Mitchell calls for a freeze on expansion of Jewish settlements in the occupied territories.
• May 22, 2001, A dozen twisters whip Michigan, Ohio
• June 11, 2001, CIA Director George Tenet met with Sharon and Arafat to respond to a blueprint he offered for a formal cease-fire.
• June 11, 2001, Tropical Storm Allison: hit southeast US; 24 dead; heavy flooding in Texas and Louisiana; 36” of rain; costliest tropical storm in US history ; $5 billion.
• September 18, 2001, Israel pulls back military from the West Bank due to enormous pressure from Washington.
• October 2 2001, President George Bush announces a dramatic break with America’s previous Middle East policy, saying that he is prepared to back the creation of a Palestinian state.
• October 5, 2001, American relations with Israel plunge to their lowest point in a decade, as the White House denounces as “unacceptable” statements by the Israeli prime minister comparing the US coalition-building in the Arab world with British appeasement of the Nazis in the 1930s.
• September 18-October 9, 2001, anthrax mail attacks, killing 5, infecting 17
• October 11 2001, The Bush administration unveils a dramatic new blueprint for Middle East peace, envisaging Jerusalem as a shared capital for an Israeli and a Palestinian state.
• October 11, 2001, Over half a dozen tornadoes sweep across Oklahoma and Nebraska
• June 8, 2002, President Bush Meets with Egyptian President Mubarak
• June 8, 2002, Hayman fire began in Colorado, the largest in the states history, burning nearly 138,000 acres; 132 homes lost.
• October 24, 2002, President Bush’s Middle East envoy, William Burns warns Ariel Sharon that his government should swiftly end the suffering and humiliation of the Palestinians.
• October 24, 2002, Corpus Christi, Texas, hit by severe storms, tornadoes, and flooding, one dead; $85 million in damage
• November 5, 2002, President Bush “observe the holy month of Ramadan…Islam is a peace-loving faith”
• November 9-11, 2002, 83 tornadoes tear through seven states: 36 dead, +$160 million damage; one of worst November tornado outbreaks on record
• December 5, 2002, Bush commemorated end of Ramadan at Islamic Center in DC, saying it commemorates the revelation of God’s word in the Holy Koran to the prophet Mohammad.”
• December 5, 2002, Worst ice storm in history of Carolinas; from Oklahoma to the Carolinas 1.6 million homes and businesses without electric power
• January 28, 2003, President George W. Bush’s State of the Union address, “In the Middle East, we will continue to seek peace between a secure Israel and a democratic Palestine.”
• January 31, 2003, Collin Powell addresses the National Conference of World Affairs Councils of America stating, “With the help of this Quartet and other members of the international community, we are drawing up a roadmap to a lasting peace based on President Bush’s vision of two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security.”
• February 1, 2003, Space Shuttle Columbia disaster over Palestine, Texas, with Israeli (first) Astronaut Ilan Ramon on board.
• April 30, 2003, Publishing of “the Road Map to Peace” that had been developed by the so-called “Quartet” and was presented to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon by U.S. Ambassador Daniel Kurtzer.
• April 30 – May 10, 2003, Tornadoes began occurring over the affected area on April 30, but the most prolific continuous period was the seven-day period of May 4–10. There were 401 tornado reports in 19 states and 1 Canadian province, 1,587 reports of large hail, and 740 reports of wind damage. More severe weather broke out this week alone than any other week in U.S. history.
• May-August 2003, Quartet (US, EU, UN & Russia) continued meeting and negotiating “Road Map” plan for dividing Israel.
• June-August 2003 Hottest summer in Europe in 500 years; 22,000 dead in 14 countries; 50% of many crops lost; hundreds of fires; billions lost in agriculture. The “meteorological equator” – the hot air mass usually over Africa shifted north to Europe; US experienced record heat in West (like 1930s dust bowl), but torrential rains in East, with some areas receiving double the normal rainfall; Russia: 431 fires, Germany 300 fires, Locust descended on Mongolia/China border towns damaging 11 million hectares of crops.
• July 15, 2003, Hurricane Claudette makes landfall in Texas causing $181 million in damages
• July 16, 2003, the State Department releases the “Roadmap for Peace in the Middle East: Israeli/Palestinian Reciprocal Action, Quartet Support”
• August 10, 2004, Secretary of State Powell remarks at Seeds of Peace Even, “In the Middle East, we are committed to realizing President Bush’s vision of two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security. We believe that Israel’s plan to withdraw from Gaza, and to begin the withdrawal from the West Bank, with four settlements withdrawn from, represents a valuable opportunity to move forward. This initiative could help to bring both sides, both sides together to resume negotiations under the path, under the direction of the elements of the roadmap.” The roadmap was set.
• August 12, 2004, Tropical Storm Bonnie hit northwest Florida ($1.2 million in damages) while on August 13, 2004, a mere 22 hours after Bonnie, Hurricane Charley hits southern Florida. It was the first time in history that two tropical cyclones struck the same state in a 24-hour period. Charley caused $16.3 billion in damages and 16 dead.
• August 29, 2004, Hurricane Gaston hit South Carolina with $130 million in damage
• September 5, 2004, Hurricane Frances hit eastern Florida causing $4.5 billion in damages
• September 16, 2004, Hurricane Ivan hit Alabama, tracking north all the way to Delaware, entered the Atlantic, headed south, crossed Florida, reentering the Gulf of Mexico on September 21, 2004, returned to being a tropical storm, weakened and hit Louisiana on September 24, 2004, leaving 58 dead and $18.8 billion in damage after its loop through the southern United States.
• September 25, 2004, Hurricane Jeanne made landfall in Florida just 2 miles (3 kilometers) from where Frances had struck a mere 3 weeks earlier. Building on the rainfall of Frances and Ivan, Jeanne brought near-record flood levels as far north as West Virginia and New Jersey causing $6.8 billion, making this the 13th costliest hurricane in U.S. history.
• October 10, 2004, Tropical Storm Matthew made landfall in Louisiana causing $305,000
• 2004 Hurricane season caused over $46 billion in damage
• November 22, 2004, The US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, visits Israel and the West Bank in an attempt to resuscitate the peace process.
• November 22–24, 2004, 104 tornadoes from Texas to Mississippi broke out causing $13.7 billion in damage
• June 7, 2005, President Welcomes British Prime Minister Blair to the White House to “…support Israel’s disengagement from Gaza…” and continues until August, 2005.
• June 8, 2005, nearly two months earlier than when the 2004 season started, Tropical Storm Arlene formed and making landfall in the Panhandle of Florida on Jun 11, 2005. Minimal damage.
• July 5, 2005, Hurricane Cindy made landfall in Louisiana causing $320 million in damages
• July 10, 2005, Hurricane Dennis made landfall Pensacola, Florida, causing 15 deaths and $2.23 billion in damages
Katrina and Gaza
• In 2005, one of the deadliest natural disasters in US history, Hurricane Katrina, coincided with the expulsion of the Jewish population from Gush Katif, which became part of the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, in a much-reviled political move made under pressure from the US government.
• 8 Aug 2005: U.S. pressures Israel to pull out of Gaza
• 15 Aug 2005: Israel begins to pull out of Gaza forcing settlers out (9,000 Israeli’s forcibly removed from Gaza)
• 23 Aug 2005: Hurricane Katrina forms
• 24 Aug 2005: Israel pullout completes Gaza withdrawal
• 24 Aug 2005: U.S. pressures Israel to resume roadmap plan
• 26 Aug 2005: Sharon faces the battle of his political life against Netanyahu
• 26 Aug 2005: Oil hits a record high at $68/barrel
• 29 Aug 2005: Katrina hits New Orleans – 28 levees fail (over 50 in the ensuing days) and displaced over 1 million people in the U.S. making it the largest diaspora in U.S. history. That’s over 111 times more than those in the Gaza. Katrina cause over $200 billion in damages.
• 4 Jan 2006: Ariel Sharon has massive stroke leaving him in a permanent vegetative state
• 30 Mar 2010: Netanyahu snubbed at the White House while Obama goes to dinner
• 10 Apr 2010: Israel will not attend the Obama Nuclear Arms Summit in fears the US will force Israel
• 19 Apr 2010: Obama and Israel: Showdown at the UN (U.S. will not rubber-stamp a veto on non-Israeli friendly votes)
• 20 Apr 2010: Israel warns of a nuclear race in the Middle East where Iran is allowed to have the bomb
• 21 Apr 2010: US will not attack Iran on nuclear issue, leaves Israel to make a unilateral decision, which without US support will fail
• 21 Apr 2010: US to allow a nuclear Iran
• 21 Apr 2010: Oil Rig explodes off coast of Louisiana, 11 killed
• 29 Apr 2010: Obama warns Israel and PA to do nothing to stop peace process
• 29 Apr 2010: Gulf Oil slick: Businesses Brace for the worse
• 29 Apr 2010: Oil Slick makes landfall
• 21 Jun 2010: US angry with the continued building in East Jerusalem
• 22 Jun 2010: Israel’s feeling of isolation is becoming more pronounced
• 24 Jun 2010: Obama calls Gaza situation ‘unsustainable’
• 24 Jun 2010: A 100-yard-wide tornado with winds of at least 100 mph rips through Bridgeport causing massive damage
• June 2016, a summit was held in Paris as a prelude to a multi-national conference that would force Israel to unilaterally accept the two-state solution and create a Palestinian state within its borders.
• As the delegates left the summit, rain began to fall. Over the next 24 hours, the River Seine rose 20 feet, resulting in the worst flooding Paris has seen in decades.
• August 24, 2017, Hurricane Harvey: As of Sunday, Aug 27, …a result of what FEMA labeled “the worst disaster” in Texan history.
• August 24, 2017, Trump’s Middle East team met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv

After 13 hours of vetting the dates and events, I just copied what I wrote in my study from March 2010 to Hurricane Harvey. I’ll do more if I get the time. I think this kind of proves a point…

There are a lot more, I’ve just not continued since then. I did watch one event this year: Cause:
10 Sep 18: Trump’s Middle East ‘Deal of the Century’ Creeping into View
11 Sep 18: Q&A: Special Envoy Jason Greenblatt Details the Thinking Behind Trump’s Mideast Peace Plan
11 Sep 18: Trump’s ‘ultimate deal’ for Middle East peace meets resistance over circulated 40-page draft
11 Sep 18: Naval ships ordered out of Virginia as hurricane Florence approaches
11 Sep 18: Hurricane Florence threatens to unleash catastrophic inland flooding in Carolinas, Viginias

Effect: Fatalities 30 direct, 23 indirect Damage > $17.9 billion (2018 USD)

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