Coincidence? I Think Not

There are numbers that repeatedly pop up in the Bible that seems to have a common theme about them. The number 40 is such a example. 40 appears in the Bible about 146 times and seems to demark times of testing, trial or probation. The first times God uses the number 40 in the Bible … Continue reading Coincidence? I Think Not

Death By Committee or Lingchi, “A Thousand Cuts”

Today is the 9th of Av on the Hebrew calendar. On this day BOTH temples in Jerusalem were destroyed yet hundreds of years apart. Today ends 3 weeks of mourning for Jewish orthodox believers because on the 17th of Tammuz the walls of Jerusalem were breached by the enemy of Israel. The Hebrew calendar to … Continue reading Death By Committee or Lingchi, “A Thousand Cuts”

Delivered From Bad Things & Places

In my post of Saturday Oct. 5th, I spoke of the “chastisements of our peace” and the “rebukes of life” that are sometimes the work of God acting as any Loving Father does for His children. This post will be to show a completely different side of my Dear Heavenly Father’s recent interactions with me. … Continue reading Delivered From Bad Things & Places

I Was Blind “But Now I See,” Literally!!!

Sometime around 2009 while driving on Hwy 90 I rubbed my left eye and then noticed that I couldn’t see very good through my right eye. It was like I was looking through a white fog. Sometime later I went to a nationally known Contact, Eyeglass, Eye Doctor store that I had been going to. … Continue reading I Was Blind “But Now I See,” Literally!!!