Do You Believe The Word of God or Man?

I woke up from a nap, both kinds, physical and spiritual, and realized I left out some significant prophetic content that I had to add to this post. It concerns the reading for today from Ezra 10, it’s connection to the 1st and 2nd temples and 5 calamities that happened on the 17th of Tammuz over thousands of years of Jewish history, so I edited the original post.

In The Word

The Word of God IS Alive and if you have ears to hear, it will speak to you. I can seldom read through the My Daily Bible devotional reading without have at least a few verses to look deeper into or wish to proclaim their truth. Today is one of those days. I’ve only made it through the psalm and the Old Testament reading and now here I am to proclaim. The link to check them out for yourself is below.

First up is Psalm 74, a REAL Tragedy and in some ways the tragedy is linked to how they applied the verses of today’s Old Testament reading wrong. I won’t post Psalm 74 here but it’s in this link.

Jesus said, “One stone will not stay on another. They will all become broken”. (Matthew 25:2)

Jesus said that about the second time the temple would be destroyed…

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Bad Moon Rising

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Nothing But The Blood of Jesus

Below are screenshots of the verse of the day for Dec.5, 2018 on Tecarta The NIV version "forgets"to mention the BLOOD Of Jesus NIV KJV I like to look at other Bible versions to better understand the KJV sometimes. This time you can clearly see why most other versions are only … Continue reading Nothing But The Blood of Jesus

Hanukkah, Peace Deal & 3rd Temple -The Rapture Is Imminent!

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I John, Jesus Is The Light

The verses from 1 & 2nd John are the closing verses of today's MyDailyBible devotions. DailyPlan : esv-study-bible : 2018-12-02 #Bible They are about the "Light" (Yeshua Jesus) and believers need to walk with Him. Can two walk together, unless they are agreed? Amos 3:3 NKJV My favorite pastor says, "I have to agree … Continue reading I John, Jesus Is The Light