Sun-diving Comet, CME,6.0EQ, Solar Eclipse, & “7”

This is a follow up to the things I wrote about in my last post, "Solar Eclipses, Jonah, Nahum & America?" On Dec. 14th 2020 I anticipated that maybe some other events might occur to give emphasis to the uniqueness and oddity of events occurring on this given date. Early in the day while … Continue reading Sun-diving Comet, CME,6.0EQ, Solar Eclipse, & “7”

Solar Eclipses, Jonah, Nahum & America?

This week the MyDailyBible app readings from the prophets has been from Nahum. Today it was Nahum chapter 3 which starts with a heading saying "Woe to Nineveh." The book of Nahum is all about God's anger and judgment against Nineveh. Chapter 1, verse 1 says, "The burden of Nineveh. The book of the vision … Continue reading Solar Eclipses, Jonah, Nahum & America?