Repent And Return

No matter who we are, from pope's to peasants, we have the need of daily repentance for things done against a Holy God, knowingly or unknown to us. Some may be obvious and great sins, other lesser things we think God should place under the "curve" as teachers do to cut the class some slack. … Continue reading Repent And Return

153, Sons of God

Because of the number 153 appearing in the text of John 21:6, much intrigue and speculation has been offered as to its hidden meaning. Gematria is the study of the numerical value of words in the Hebrew and Greek language because their letters also serve as their numbers. I have spent many hours looking into … Continue reading 153, Sons of God

“I Will Never Leave You Nor Forsake You.” Really???

Much of my summer vacations, holidays, and even a couple school years of my youth and teen years were spent with my maternal grandparents. Pawpaw Vince and Mawmaw Eva. I named my one and only shrimp boat after her, Eva Marie. Throughout my years with them, Pawpaw Vince had a saying when he'd get flabbergasted … Continue reading “I Will Never Leave You Nor Forsake You.” Really???

Jesus, “The Way & The Door”

He Will Instruct Him (Psalm 25:8-9, 12-14) I have been thinking of writing this post for some time now. Today’s MyDailyBible app “Verse of The Day” and verses from the devotional reading said, “Do it”. Matthew 7:7-8  "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will … Continue reading Jesus, “The Way & The Door”

Are You Sorry or Contrite? There’s A Big Difference Sometimes in studying the Bible, I find the words that were given by the Holy Spirit to reveal the mind of God to us are amazing. Psalm 51 has had a profound impact on my life and relationship with God. I thought I had a grasp of the word "Contrite" in it until I … Continue reading Are You Sorry or Contrite? There’s A Big Difference